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Nurture Health is a family run fitness business located in Bracknell. We are passionate about exercise participation and encouraging a healthy active lifestyle for the whole family. No childcare, no problem; playpen and toys available on request.

Meet us

Sarah Reeves
Antenatal and Postnatal Trainer

I have the following qualifications:

  • Level 3 Antenatal and Postnatal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness instructor
  • Boxercise Instructor
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology with Psychology

I have always been a keen exercise junkie, even from a young age I was guided by my parents and encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
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From family walks to competing in swimming galas, track events and team games. Sport and exercise has very much been entrenched in my upbringing and current lifestyle.
Lee and I decided to try for a baby, and soon after I fell pregnant. The overwhelming feelings of joy and excitement filled me inside. Attending the first scan at 12weeks was incredible, seeing a little person inside me was totally amazing. Knowing I had another person to take care of inside me made me determined to keep active for the both of us.

Being a first time mum to be I wanted to embrace pregnancy and the wonders it brings. However, morning sickness seeped in during my 1st trimester and my energy levels reduced. I maintained exercise and it elevated my mood and distracted me from my sickness. I walked and cycled to work and trained according to the recommended guidelines throughout every trimester. I wanted to keep healthy to carry a baby and endure the impact pregnancy has on the body.

Reaching 2nd trimester my energy levels peaked and I felt great. The bump was slowly growing so I worked on maintaining fitness levels, posture and lower body strength to bare the excess pregnancy weight.

Finally going into 3rd trimester, I particularly focused on maintaining my cardiovascular fitness via daily walks consisting of varied terrains and inclines. I wanted to be as aerobically strong as possible before enduring labour. I also paid a lot of attention to working my pelvic floor muscles; accompanying this I practised relaxation stretches to ensure I maintained a positive mental wellbeing as soon approaching would be the due date. I further took into consideration my reduced ability to hold my balance amongst many other bodily functions we take for granted, and completely adjusted some key exercises I would usually do to be safe and also effective.

On 10th December 2015 Elliot was born. I was induced 3 weeks early with no pain relief, just a couple of paracetamols. The pain was nothing like I have ever felt, but I remained calm throughout focusing on controlled breathing and utilising my core strength when contractions required me to push. I believe the ongoing training made me physically ready for labour and I completely advocate this. Not only was I aerobically fit I had the stamina to pull through and push. (Of course Lee being there as my rock made it all the easier).

Early on in my postpartum period I quickly incorporated pelvic floor exercises and walking into my daily routine. I was exhausted from the lack of sleep but so eager to begin properly exercising again. The impatient me wanted to get going at the beginning of week 2 but I waited until my 6 week check up before returning to the gym. After being given the go ahead, I was ready to ease back in. Initially, training again felt tough and I felt weak but after a period of time I started to feel the benefits! Not only mentally well but I felt physically things were starting to improve. I paid particular attention to improving my cv fitness, strengthening weakened areas from the demands of pregnancy and posture maintenance. Moreover, I focused on relaxation and stretching to help adjust to the lack of sleep and demands of motherhood.

Throughout my postpartum recovery, I have adapted exercises and training regimes to meet my needs at the time. Being a parent is absolutely amazing but also very energy zapping. I really do believe that It is important to pay attention to your body: to adjust your sessions accordingly or completely rest if needed. You have to do what is right for you, and baby.

Lee Reeves
Personal trainer

I have the following qualifications:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Antenatal and Postnatal Trainer
  • Boxercise Instructor
  • Kettlebells Instructor
  • Training in Different Environments Trainer
  • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science

I am a personal trainer with over ten years' experience working in the health and fitness industry. My passion for sports and fitness however, spans an entire lifetime. Read more..

To date, I have played semi-professional football, rugby league and rugby union, trained with the British Army as a teenager and completed a number of physical challenges for charity. These experiences have equipped me with a wealth of fitness knowledge that I love to pass onto my clients. I have trained hundreds of people over the last decade, all of whom have had their own individual exercise goals. The types of exercise goals included:

  • Sports Specific Training
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Ante Natal & Post Natal Exercise

Becoming parents, Sarah and I wanted to turn our attention to, and offer our expertise, exclusively to individuals (like us), who were looking to start a family, or who had already started their journey into parenthood.

In our opinion, having a child is one of the most rewarding things you can do, but in the same breath, one of the most challenging. These challenges often mean that as parents, we put our health second, but why? In our opinion, the healthier, fitter and stronger you are; the better you’ll feel looking after your child.

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What our clients say

Michelle F - Hampton
Antenatal Exercise

"Nurture Health really helped me during my months of pregnancy with pelvic floor exercises and exercises to ease back pain...both of which were gentle and easy to do but with noticeable benefits"


Rachel L - Teddington
Postnatal Exercise

"After having my second child I was keen to lose weight and get fit again. I am so glad I chose to train with Nurture Health. The workouts are challenging but fun, and their professionalism and expertise really helped me to achieve the results I wanted."

Keiran C - Teddington
Dad bod fitness

"I heard about Lee through my partner and by watching videos on Instagram. We set up an initial meet to discuss what I wanted to achieve and for Lee to gauge my level of fitness in order to prepare a suitable program for me. Lee clearly listened to what I wanted and based the sessions on my targets, price point and flexibility.

My aim is to gain lean muscle and size, I'm 5 weeks in to my 'journey' and have reduced my body fat by about 2% and gained approximately 2.5 kilos of muscle. This is down to how Lee has set up our sessions and how he pushes me each time we train. Lee knows when I'm able to push myself harder and when I'm at my limit, he is always positive and makes me feel comfortable and I have never felt embarrassed or nervous doing lifts and exercises that are new. I'm a new first time Dad and with Lee being a family man himself he is flexible and understanding whenever we need to tweak times and dates. I'm seeing and feeling progress and look forward to the final outcome."

Jess D - Twickenham
Personal Training

"I initially contacted Lee to help strengthen my body in ways that the physio couldn't achieve and to try something different then just doing 'my routine' in the gym. What I achieved with Lee's help went beyond this! Not only am I stronger in my body, it has also improved my state of wellbeing. I feel confident, happier and stronger.

Lee knows exactly how to encourage, challenge and support me with achieving my goals, allowing me to improve both my strength and fitness within a short period of time. Training provided is individually tailored to your needs and is complemented by Lee's expert knowledge on nutrition. He takes the time to work out nutritional guidelines to support you in your fitness journey and regularly checks in to see how you are progressing, and how we as a team can take it to the next level.

Lee is fun, energetic and dedicated to making you the best possible version of you - I cannot recommend him enough!"


Nadine B - Teddington
Personal Training

"15 months ago I limped into see a knee surgeon, to be told I needed a knee replacement, having had 2 hip replacements, a mastectomy and hand operations, I was not enthusiastic to have another major operation, the alternative was to have physio to build the large leg muscles to support the knee.

I attended the hospital session, to be given the programme and knew I would not succeed working out on my own, I hated the gym with a vengeance, all those muscle bound fit people, I had always been an aerobic,junkie!

I went to see Lee and showed him the surgeons report and physio exercise programme, then signed up for 2 sessions per week.

When I returned to the hospital for a follow up appointment 4 weeks later the physio discharged me, as he could not improve on Lee's regime. I then saw the surgeon 2 months later and he said that because my muscles had increased 50%, and that I was now walking without a limp, with a reduction in pain, he also discharged me.

Lee is so knowledgeable, understanding of my injury, always checking any aches and pains, adjusting the exercises accordingly, making the session, dare I say fun,enjoyable, and the time just flies bye.

Friends and family are amazed by my progress and its not just my knee that's improved my whole body tone has changed. Lee is the most grounded, and nicest young man you could meet, he makes you feel comfortable, confident, and so motivating. Without my sessions with him, I would have been immobile.and facing surgery yet again.

Lee is the best investment I've ever made, he's much more than a personal trainer!

Incidentally,I'm 70 years young!"