Prenatal Exercise

We are firm believers that post-natal recovery starts before you even get pregnant. During pregnancy exercise becomes more maintenance-based, therefore the work done during the pre-natal stage will really pay off. Our programme will condition and prepare your body for pregnancy.

Training objectives

  • To improve your cardiovascular fitness levels so that your body can cope with the additional demands put on it during pregnancy. Additionally, the stronger your cardiovascular system is, the more efficient the circulation of oxygenated blood and food is to your baby.
  • Improve your core strength to help with postnatal recovery and reduce the risk of diastasis recti, allow your muscles to better support the growing bump and relieve the stress on your back and joints.
  • Improve your muscular strength endurance to increase joint stability, which will naturally reduce during pregnancy due to the effects of relaxin and ensure that your upper and lower body muscles are strong to support the changes to your frame during pregnancy.

    Why choose Nurture Health?

  • We have experienced and qualified trainers delivering safe, personalised training plans and sessions that are tailored specifically to you.
  • No childcare? No problem! Playpen and toys available on request.
  • No time to exercise? We offer a range of time slots to suit you and your family‚Äôs needs.
  • If transport is an issue, we will come to you!
  • Want to work out with a friend or your partner to inspire each other? We offer a variety of services from one-to-one personal training to group sessions and programming.
  • We offer great value for money

Meet the trainers


Sarah is a fitness instructor and ante/postnatal trainer with personal experience of pregnancy! She became a mother in 2015 and so has first-hand experience of staying in shape during pregnancy, as well as getting fit again during the post-natal period.
Read more about Sarah's pregnancy and fitness story


Lee is an experienced personal trainer with over 10 years' experience working with clients to achieve their fitness goals. He understands the challenges of fitting in exercise around family life and is passionate about helping his clients achieve their fitness goals.
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Want to find out more?

Call Lee on 07756198586 or Sarah on 07713957093 or email us at to discuss getting and staying fit before, during and after pregnancy.